Wiccan Magick Spells & Rituals for Lammas 2015

LammasSpell2015On the Wiccan Wheel of the Year, the festival of Lammas or Lughnasadh is a traditional time to show appreciation for prosperity and an opportunity to generate more of the same. It’s also your chance to evaluate the progress of your dreams and goals and to take steps towards their completion.

If you took advantage of yesterday’s full blue moon to charge your Witches’ tools and talismans, you will be assured of extra power and energy in your spellwork.

Lammas or Lughnasadh Correspondences

Colours and Candles: gold, yellow

Flowers: gladiolus, nasturtium, yarrow, sunflower

Stones: aventurine, topaz, amber, cat’s eye

Lammas Seasonal Menu

Light red wine or chianti


Nasturtium & greens salad,

Zucchini walnut cake*


Lammas Spell for Prosperity and Appreciation

If you need a Lammas spell, you’ll find the full ritual ceremony in my Simple Wiccan Magick Spells ™  Wheel of the Year eBook, along with recipes* to celebrate this festival.

The next Dark Moon falls on August 14, so check back early for spell and ritual suggestions.

Blessed be!

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July 31, 2015 Blue Moon Wiccan Spells & Rituals

Blue Moon fullOn July 31, 2015, a second full moon, sometimes known as a Blue Moon, will appear. According to Wiccan tradition, as it is in the sun sign Leo, it is considered to be a Full Air Moon in the opposite sun sign Aquarius.

What is a Blue Moon?

Some sources state that a Blue Moon is the second full moon in a month, while the Farmers’ Almanac definition of a Blue Moon is the third full moon in a season with four full moons. Since each season typically has only three full moons with definite names for each, an extra moon could cause a mix-up, so the third moon is termed blue.

Other sources hold that a true Blue Moon only occurs once every three or four years, when a full moon happens twice in the same astrological sign.

Regardless, a Blue Moon is always an ideal time for powerful spells and ceremonies. When you are celebrating this Blue Moon, you may follow the ritual for a full air moon in Aquarius.

Full Moon Spell to Share the Wealth

A full moon in Aquarius is an ideal time for networking, resolving disputes and using personal power for the greater good. My Full Moon Spells eBook has a ritual that will help identify your special cause and channel your talents to help others.

You could also use any other spell from the book that suits your needs, such as:

The Warrior Spell for Personal Power

The Pendulum Ritual for New Beginnings

A Spell for Family Abundance

A Spell for Love

A Spell for Spiritual Purification

Blue Moon Menu

If you like, you can also prepare the meal for an Aquarian full moon or a special Blue Moon menu of your choice. However you decide to celebrate, know that the universe will be tuned in to your vibrations in a powerful way.

Lammas ~ August 1 2015

As the Wiccan harvest festival of Lammas, or Lughnasadh, falls on August 1st, this Blue Moon is an ideal time to cleanse and charge your Witches’ tools and talismans. Or, you may want to combine your spells work for a super ritual and celebrate both the Blue Moon and Lammas on July 31st.

Blessed be!

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Full Moon Wiccan Spells & Rituals for July 2, 2015

On July 2, 2015, a full moon known as Thunder Moon, Hay Moon or Shallow Moon, will appear. It’s the first of two full moons this month. The second is on July 31. July will be a powerful month for all full moon and dark moon spells and rituals.

This July 2 full moon is in the sign of Capricorn, which is opposite the sun sign Cancer.  In Wiccan traditions, spells and rituals for career advancement, improving social skills and planning for the future, are appropriate. You can also use this time to attract new and positive vibrations by first releasing any old or negative energy.

July Correspondences: Flowers

Honeysuckle and Jasmine

July Correspondences: Stones

Ruby and Moonstone.

 July Full Moon Menu

Garden Vegetable Couscous

Watermelon Granita

July Thunder Moon Spell For Career Confidence

Would you like to remove your doubts and fears so you can attract more success in your career? If you need such a spell or would like more information on this and other full moons, as well as recipes for each, you will find them in my Full Moon Spells eBook.

Blessed be!

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Wiccan Rituals Midsummer Summer Solstice June 2015

Wicca summer butterfly.jpgOn June 21, 2015 Midsummer or the Summer Solstice marks the longest day of the year. In Wiccan traditions, the Holly King vanquishes the Oak King and we begin our slow and steady descent toward the darkness of winter.

Midsummer is an ideal time for spells and rituals to help you find direction, solutions to your problems and the determination to revolve them.

If you live in the southern hemisphere, Australia, for example, you should read my posts on Yule, the Winter Solstice.

You may already have a special Midsummer ceremony, or you may want to create your own. The following information will be helpful.

Midsummer /Summer Solstice Correspondences

Theme: strength, reward, confidence, decision making

Oil: lavender, vervain, elder

Candles: red, yellow, orange

Flowers: honeysuckle, lavender, roses, rue, vervain, any red, yellow & orange flowers

Stones: agate, pearl, moonstone

Midsummer Menu

Serve with a fresh cucumber salad and glass of elderflower wine or Riesling.

Herbed Tomato Soup

Pesto Rotini Pasta

Herb & Flower Shortbread

You will find recipes for the menu above in my Wheel of the Year guide. My Witches’ Cook Book has recipes for every Sabbat, plus 12 full moons for a total of 56 recipes.

Blessed be and Happy Midsummer!

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Hechizos y Rituales ~ Luna Llena de Junio 2015 en Satigario

En 2015, la luna llena de Junio es el día 2.  A la luna llena de Junio se le llama también Luna de Aguamiel, Luna de Fresa, Luna de Miel o Luna de la Rosa. Las flores asociadas a Junio son rosas y lavanda; las piedras son ágata y perlas. Porque el signo solar es Géminis, (22 de Mayo – 21 de Junio), la luna llena es en Sagitario.

Una luna llena en Sagitario es el momento idóneo para realizar hechizos para comienzos exitosos en las áreas del aprendizaje y educación, así como para viajes largos. Predominan las actividades al aire libre, así como la intuición, independencia, curación y perdón. Este hechizo se centra en utilizar tu intuición para ayudar a crear un comienzo nuevo en cualquier proyecto.

Si deseas un hechizo de luna llena del ritual del péndulo para nuevos comienzos o necesitas más información sobre los rituales y hechizos de luna llena de Junio, puedes descargarte mi libro electrónico, Magia Wiccana Simple Hechizos de Luna Llena.

¡Bendito seas!

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Full Moon Wiccan Spells & Rituals June 2, 2015

Full Moon Strawberry MoonA full fire moon will appear in the sun sign Sagittarius on June 2. Known as Strawberry Moon, Mead Moon, Honey Moon or Rose Moon, it’s the right time for spells related to higher education and long-term journeys. Wiccans also traditionally use this time for spells to promote healing, forgiveness, independence and intuition.

Decorate your altar with roses and lavender. June stones are agate and pearls. Suggested menu is BBQ chicken, sweet potato fries and strawberry cake. You might also want to celebrate this full moon with a glass of mead.

This is the last full moon before Midsummer, or the Summer Solstice on June 21, so you should cleanse and charge your Witches’ tools. If  needed, you can find more information on appropriate spells and recipes in my Full Moon Spells & Rituals book.

Blessed be!

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May 3 Full Moon in Scorpio Wiccan Rituals 2015

The full moon on May 3, 2015 is known as Flower Moon or Merry Moon. As it is in the opposite sun sign Scorpio, Wiccan traditions state that this full water moon is an ideal time for spells and rituals to increase your personal power.

If needed, my Full Moon Spells & Rituals eBook shows how you can easily create a personal power talisman using a favourite piece of your own jewellery. Wear it daily to win battles and develop your courage and charisma. If you’ve already created a personal power jewellery talisman, you may cleanse and charge it tonight.

May Correspondences

Flowers: lily of the valley and foxglove

Stones: Emerald and amber.

May Full Moon Menu

Simple Green Salad

Pasta with Clam Sauce

Lavender & Almond Butter Cookies

Recipes can be found in the Full Moon Spells & Rituals or Witches’ Cook Book.

Blessed be!

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Hechizos y Rituales de Luna Llena de 3 Mayo en Escorpio

En 2015, la luna llena de Mayo es el día 3. La luna llena de Mayo es conocida como la Luna de las Flores o Luna Feliz. Las flores correspondientes son lirio de los valles y dedaleras; las piedras son esmeralda y ámbar. Porque el signo solar es Tauro, (21 de Abril – 21 de Mayo),  la luna llena es en Escorpio.

La luna llena en Escorpio es el momento ideal para el hechizo del guerrero para ganar batallas e incrementar el poder personal, coraje y carisma. Crearás un talismán personal de poder para aumentar las posibilidades de éxito en el proyecto. Los talismanes Mágickos generalmente se rellenan de hierbas, pero puedes sustituirlo por tu pieza de joyería preferida para este fin.

Si deseas un hechizo de luna llena del guerrero para el poder o necesitas más información sobre los rituales y hechizos de luna llena de Mayo, puedes descargarte mi libro electrónico Magia Wiccana Simple Hechizos de Luna Llena.

¡Bendito seas!

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Wiccan Spells & Rituals for Beltane May 1, 2015

redroseBeltaneOn May 1st, Wiccans celebrate Beltane, one of eight festivals on the Wheel of the Year.  Beltane is a traditional time for spells to bring both love and creativity into your life.

You can set up your altar and perform your ritual on April 30, or May 1st, whichever you prefer. Decorate your table with daisies, roses and lily of the valley. Red and green candles symbolize the twin themes of love and creative energy.

Beltane Love Spells

My Wheel of the Year guide has a Beltane spell for love and creativity and recipes for the menu below. If love is your main focus, consider my Love Spells guide, which also lists the best herbes for love magick.

Beltane Menu

Cheese & Chive Wafers

Pasta & Fresh Vegetables

Honey-Almond Pound Cake

Blessed be and Happy Beltane!

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Dark Moon Spells & Rituals April 18, 2015

Dark Moon Spells Rituals You may use the Dark Moon on April 18 to prepare for the May 1st Wiccan festival of Beltane. Beltane, or May Day, is a traditional time for rituals and spell work that celebrate love and creativity.  If you are lacking either, the following spells may help to generate more positive energy and attraction.

If you want love for Beltane:

Dark Moon Spell to Relieve Past Heartache and Lost Love

This spell will help you release negative associations to love lost in the past and free your energy for a new relationship. While most of us generally recover and eventually move on from heartache, problems can arise when the pain of long ago feels like it happened yesterday. This spell uses Bay Laurel, lemon and/or Lemon Balm for love and a Rose Quartz touch stone to heal negative emotions.

If you want creativity for Beltane:

Dark Moon Spell to Discharge Negative Energy

The Law of Attraction states that “like attracts like,” so wouldn’t you want to attract only the highest and the best? The ability to do that starts with awareness of your feelings. This ritual can help clear the path for you to manifest more positive emotions and good vibrations, opening the door to more creativity in your life.This spell uses Sage to remove negative energy and Basil for courage. Your touch stone is Hematite.

If you need more information, my Dark Moon Spells & Rituals eBook contains quick spells and full ritual ceremonies for these and 13 other negative circumstances. Blessed be!

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