Make a Witches’ Belt or Cingulum


A Witches’ cord is easy to make and provides protection around the altar. To make this particular cord or belt, you will need eight pieces of ribbon, just over nine feet in length.  Each ribbon will be a different colour, corresponding to the festivals or Sabbats below:


  • SAMHAIN:           black
  • YULE:                     red
  • IMBOLC:              white
  • OESTRA:               purple
  • BELTANE:            green
  • MIDSUMMER:   yellow
  • LAMMAS:              gold
  • FALL EQUINOX: orange

Add one additional colour of your choice, your personal colour, for a total of nine.       

During spell-work at each festival, cleanse and charge the appropriate cord. You may want to rub a bit of festival oil on the ribbon.  Tie the cord around your waist during rituals.

Continue to do this at each successive festival until you have three prepared cords, then braid them together while chanting.  When the next three are complete, braid them together.  After you have prepared the last two cords, add your personal colour cord so you will have three more to braid together.

Finally, take all three braided cord sets and braid them together at the next full moon or Sabbat. Focus your intent onto the finished cord, chanting as you do.   You will then have a very beautiful and magickal tool with all the symbolism and energy of a year of festivals on the Wheel of the Year.

Wear your Witches’ cord for protection during ritual and store it as you would any other magickal tool. If you need more information on tools for witchcraft, you can download my eBook Talismans and Witches Tools, available for your eReader or as a PDF.

Blessed be!

©Holly Zurich 2011

© 2011 – 2014, Holly Zurich. All rights reserved.

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  2. Maree Pennells

    I love this – a fantastic idea for my next long term project

    • Holly Zurich

      It’s well worth the effort as the result is so beautiful and powerful, plus it’s a good way to ensure that you celebrate each sabbat. BB! Holly