How to Make a Witchcraft Pendulum

Do you have difficulties making decisions? Witches sometimes use a pendulum, like a small weight on the end of a chain or string, to tease out the answers from our unconscious mind.  This method of divination has been a custom for centuries, the theory being that a conscious thought produces an unconscious muscular response.

How to use a Wiccan pendulum

  • Write out your questions, ensuring they can be answered with a simple ‘yes’ or ‘no.’
  • Position yourself comfortably, so your arm won’t get tired and the pendulum can swing freely.
  • At the beginning of each session, hold the pendulum over your open palm and ask it for a signal for ‘yes’ and another for ‘no.’
  • Proceed to ask your questions.

Sometimes your unconscious mind doesn’t really know what you want or may not want to reveal it, and so the pendulums answers may seem unclear. But after a few tries, your results will definitely improve.

Now, you might not want to base life and death decisions on the swing of a pendulum. But the notion that you’ll be more motivated and successful when following what your unconscious mind wants to do anyway is one I can agree on.

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