Focus Your Intent Near and Far

I’ve been busy working on a new book of Wiccan spells, so busy that I haven’t had time to post here lately.  I apologize!  Focusing on goals is a positive thing, but sometimes we get so involved that we miss out on other aspects of our lives, including our families and friends.

The old saying about stopping to smell the roses is true, though in my case, it’s detouring to walk in the leaves.

Outside influences keep pushing us along, like we’re on a conveyor belt.  Are you happy to see Christmas decorations in the stores and hear carols on the radio?  I’m not.  It’s far too early to start thinking about our December festival, no matter how you celebrate it.

I’m getting a few things ready for Yule, like checking my supplies of candles and magickal herbes, but I want to enjoy the time right now – the melancholy of autumn, the sense of life slowing down and the inspiration and energy from my Samhain ritual last month.

Take your time!  And be aware of your focus.  You’ll achieve more when you look both near and far.

Blessed be!

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