Full Moon Ritual February 7, 2012

A full moon is the best time to cleanse and charge your Witches’ tools and to perform any spell work to increase positive energy and move forward.

Full moons are always in the astrological sign opposite to the sun. In other words, the February 7  full moon is in the sign of Leo. Fire sign moons, like Leo, are full of enthusiasm, energy and optimism.  Change and creativity are highlighted.

This full moon is the perfect opportunity  to enhance the positive energy flow initiated through our recent Imbolc celebrations and ritual. We must prepare by cleansing ourselves and our homes, even our office space and our mode of transport, like a car or bicycle, if we have/use one.

Bless the boundaries and create a talisman for creativity, using traditional Wiccan correspondences. As the days grow longer and our energy flow increases, get fired up about the possibility of creativity and ensuring your position at the centre of activity. Good luck and good fortune are part of the Leo full moon.

Blessed be!

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