August 2, 2012 Full Moon in Aquarius

The August 2 full moon in Aquarius is an ideal time for networking, resolving disputes and using personal power for the greater good.

This full moon is also called Corn Moon, Barley Moon or Sturgeon Moon. Corresponding flowers are gladiolas, poppies and sunflowers; stones are sardonyx, peridot and cat’s eye.

Set your altar with the above flowers and stones and use jasmine insence and oil.  If you wish, you may reuse your August 1st Lammas altar set up, which also calls for gladiolas and sunflowers.

Charge your Witches’ Tools

The close proximity of a Wheel of the Year festival to the full moon will create super energy and powerful vibrations to help manifest magick. It’s also an ideal time to cleanse and charge your tools and herbes.

Seasonal Full Moon Recipes

Suggested seasonal recipes for your full moon feast include Basil, Spinach, Red Pepper & Pepperoni Pizza, followed by Peach Clafouti. These recipes and complete full moon rituals are available in my eBook Simple Wiccan Magick Spells and Full Moon Rituals.

A second full moon in August 2012 occurs on August 31 in sun sign Virgo, placing the full blue moon in Pisces.

Blessed be!

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  1. frankie

    Thanks I just ordered your kindle book, didn’t know what stone was best for tonight, I have sardonyx. so all is good BB

    • Holly Zurich

      Hi Frankie,
      Yes, sardonyx is an appropriate choice and I trust your full moon spell generated all the energy you needed. I hope you enjoy my eBook. Feel free to leave me any comments or suggestions.
      BB, Holly

      • frankie

        yes I am reading the book and find it very interesting. Thank you. Any idea on a blessing for an altar, what is the best time, and best stone to use. …BB

        • Holly Zurich

          The best time for an altar blessing is while the moon is in its waxing phase. In this month, that would include August 18 to the full blue moon August 31.
          Quartz crystal is the best all-round blessing stone, while amethyst, amber, lapis and turquoise are also good. You can use vervain/verbena as incense and oil; fennel and flax are fine too. I will post an altar blessing spell before the end of this month. Thanks for visiting.