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My newest eBook is now available!

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Since ancient times, Wiccans have practiced the Craft and created magick using ritual ceremony and correspondences. Crucial to this custom are Witches’ tools and talismans, powerful items that help focus energy around the altar in order to manifest the desired outcome of their spells.

Discover the mysteries behind primary Witches’ tools like the blade or sword, the wand, the cup or chalice and the pentacle. Also included are the cauldron, the witches’ cord or belt and any consecrated or charged jewellery.  Divining tools, such as Tarot cards, pendulums and Runes, as well as stones, herbes, secrets, talismans and the Book of Shadows are also explored, for they aid Wiccans in effectively practicing the many aspects of the Craft.

Learn how to create, cleanse and charge a talisman, weave a Witches’ cord for protection during spellwork and turn your favourite piece of jewellery into a powerful charm for success.

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Blessed be!

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