Wiccan Altar Blessing Ritual

The days leading up to a full or waxing moon are an ideal time to cleanse, charge and bless your altar and witches’ tools. This week is a particularly magickal time to do so, as a blue moon is on its way August 31st.

Traditional herbes for a Wiccan altar blessing ritual are vervain for oil and incense; fennel and flax. Basil can also be used, either in water for cleansing or as a bouquet on the altar.

Bring a small bowl of water and sea salt or basil into your sacred space before you close the circle.  After you have summoned the Goddess and the four elements, sprinkle the salt water around the altar and over your tools, saying, Goddess, cleanse this space and bad energy erase.

Then, raise your blade to touch your altar and tools, saying, Goddess, charge this space and fill it will grace.

Hold the blessing stone and/or herbes you have chosen in your dominant hand and say, Goddess, bless this space, let the magick take place. So mote it be. Then, place the stones and herbes back onto the altar.

Continue with your ritual spellwork as usual.  Remember that your intent is the most important part of the ceremony and to give thanks for all your blessings before opening the circle.

Blessed be!

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