Find Your Samhain Spell Correspondences

In my last 2 posts about how to write your own Wiccan magick spell for Samhain, I showed you how to find the heart of your desire and write an affirmation that best expresses it. Now that you have found the qualities you need to reach your goal, we can search for the correspondences that best suit it.

How Correspondences Work in Your Spell

Correspondences are items like stones, candles, colours and incense etc. that best match or correspond to the energies you wish to create.  When you use these items in your spellwork, you increase the intensity of your vibration. In my eBook Simple Wiccan Magick Talismans and Witches’ Tools, I list the Seven Best Herbes for Wiccan Magick. I’m going to draw from this list to make it easy, but you can also research other books.  A wonderfully informative guide is The Master Book of Herbalism by Paul Beyerl. I highly recommend it!

Let’s suppose you feel you need more energy, good health and mental strength to achieve your goal of a promotion, which will in turn bring more money. Angelica is a good herbe to draw in positive energies, which manifest as increased good fortune. Frankincense will help achieve success in both the physical and spiritual domains.

Lavender draws love, money, success and good energy. As lavender is also one of the herbes I recommend for Samhain in my Wheel of the Year guide Simple Wiccan Magick Spells and Ritual Ceremony, this is a must-have. I also use Sage at Samhain and it is good for increasing mental and physical strength.

So, you could use any or all of these herbes in your spell, as oil, incense, in your philtre or as decorative flowers on your altar. I would use Lavender oil, sage incense and lavender, sage and mums as altar flowers.

How to Choose Candle Colours for Your Spell

Even though this is a spell for work promotion, you will be performing it at Samhain, so it is essential to add some of that festival’s correspondences in order to draw more energy. Black, orange, copper or gold candles are recommended. I would choose a gold candle to symbolise the promotion.

How to Choose Ritual Stones

Regular Samhain stones are smoky quartz, opal, Apache tears and black obsidian. After consulting the chapter Ten Best Stones for Wiccan Magick in my eBook Simple Wiccan Magick Talismans and Witches’ Tools, I would choose Turquoise for its vibrations of good health, wealth and success.

Gather these correspondences and have them at your side. My next post will show you how to use them to help write an important part of the ritual – an inspiring visualization.

Blessed be!

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