Create Your Samhain Spell Visualization

In my last three posts, I went through the steps involved to create your own Wiccan magick spell for Samhain. You found the heart of your desire, wrote a memorable affirmation and researched the appropriate correspondences. Now, you will create a compelling visualization.

Use Correspondences to Channel Your Vision

Take the appropriate correspondences you selected; in our example, that would be lavender oil or flowers, sage incense, blossoms or leaves and a turquoise stone.  Place them on a 9” x 9” square cloth.  You could use orange or black to represent Samhain or gold to represent your wish of a job promotion.

Take these items, your Book of Shadows, (or paper), and a pen and find a quiet space to contemplate your intent.  If you wish, you can light the incense and play some music. Hold the cloth with the flowers and stones and recite your affirmation a few times and start to visualize your desire.

See Yourself as You Would Like To Be

In our example, you would picture yourself in the present enjoying your new promotion.  Imagine that you are watching a movie and you are the star. See yourself smiling and interacting with your fellow employees. Hear their voices as they speak to you. What does your new office look like? Is there a congratulatory bouquet of flowers on your desk? What is its fragrance? What are you wearing?  Feel the fine fabric of your new clothes, or the comfort and style of your new shoes.

Choose the Most Powerful Images for Your Spell

Be sure that the images are large, bright and colourful. Continue in this manner until you have a complete picture of your successful promotion.  Feel happy, feel proud and feel joyous.

Now, write the highlights of this experience in your Book of Shadows.  Write it in the present tense and include all the important sights, sounds, smells, feelings and colourful pictures. When you read this aloud during ritual, you should be able to transport yourself into that space as though it were reality.

In my next post, we will combine all these elements to create your personalized Samhain spell.

Blessed be!

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