Cast Your Samhain Spell October 31, 2012

You are now ready to cast a personalized witchcraft spell for Samhain using the information in my last four posts.

First, you found the heart of your desire – in our example, to receive a work promotion. Then you wrote a memorable affirmation in positive and present terms. The third step was to select the correspondences that suited your desire; in our case, lavender oil, sage incense, a gold candle and talisman cloth and a turquoise stone. Then you wrote a compelling visualization – seeing yourself in your new job and feeling happy and grateful for your blessings.

Now, set up your altar as usual with these required elements and cast your spell as usual, but instead of using someone else’s words and correspondences, you will insert your own.

You now know how to create your own witchcraft spell.  It’s not as complicated as you might think, but it’s not as difficult either.  It takes thought, energy and research but now you are able to focus your intent and manifest your desire.

Blessed be!

© 2012 – 2016, Holly Zurich. All rights reserved.

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