Witchcraft Spells & Rituals for Samhain

October 31st is the Witches’ New Year.  It’s one of the eight festivals, or sabbats on the Wiccan Wheel of the Year and an ideal time to cast spells for new beginnings, remembrance and release.

Wiccan Correspondences for Samhain

Decorate your altar with mums, calendula, sage and apples. Choose orange, black, copper or gold for your candles and talisman fabric. Your philtre may contain sage, mullein, rosemary, basil and dragon’s blood. Burn cedar incense and use cedar, lavender or patchouli oil.

Samhain Menu

Celebrate the Witches’ New Year with a feast of beef and beer stew with yams or potatoes. Apple cider or ale are appropriate drinks. Serve pumpkin spice cookies for dessert.  You will find these recipes and further Samhain information in my eBook Simple Wiccan Magick Spells & Ritual Ceremony – a Wheel of the Year Guide.

Blessed be!

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