Spells for Spring Equinox March 20, 2013

The first day of spring in the northern hemisphere will be on March 20. On this day when dark and light are equal or balanced, we ask the Goddess Ostara or Eostre to help us find balance in our lives. We celebrate the return of longer days and prepare for the year ahead. This is also the time to cleanse and protect ourselves and our surroundings by removing negative energy and replacing it with positive vibrations.

Correspondences for Spring Equinox

COLOURS: mauve, pink, pale green & yellow, pastels

OIL: lily of the valley, violet, honeysuckle

CANDLES: mauve, pink, pale green, blue & yellow, pastels

FLOWERS: daffodil, jonquil, violet, dogwood, spring bulbs

INCENSE: lavender

STONES: bloodstone

FOOD & DRINK: rose wine, eggs, lamb & barley stew, Brussels sprouts, hot crossed buns

My ebook about the Wiccan Wheel of the Year has a spell to help you find balance in your life and recipes to help celebrate this important day.

Blessed be!

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