Full Moon 23 June 2013 Spells & Rituals

The full moon on June 23, 2013 is known as Mead Moon, Strawberry Moon, Honey Moon or Rose Moon. The sun sign Cancer is in force, making this full moon in the opposite sun sign, which is Capricorn. It will reach it’s peak early on the morning of the 23rd, so it will look full on the evening of June 22nd.

The June 2013 full moon is a supermoon, the largest and closest of this year. We can expect tides that will be higher and lower than usual and extra energy will abound.

A full moon in Capricorn is suitable for spell work to improve social status, career advancement and planning for the future. It’s also an  appropriate time to eliminate the deadwood, the old and extraneous in order to  reap the positive rewards of your labours. My downloadable eBook Full Moon  Spells and Rituals has a spells to help remove your doubts and fears so you can attract more success.

Flower and Stone Correspondences for June

Flowers are roses and lavender; stones are agate and pearls.

June Full Moon Menu

Before or after your full moon rituals, enjoy a feast of roast chicken, oven-baked
sweet potato fries and strawberry cake. Blessed be!

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  1. Anon

    I have had a lifetime of abuse and heart break. I have been single & celibate for 11 years. Recently I have thought about dating again, but i find the very thought of being intimate with a man terrifying. Is there a spell to help with this?

    • Holly Zurich

      Hello, I’m sorry to hear about your situation. Your question is complex but I feel that professional counselling, along with any spells or affirmations related to self-love, confidence, removing negative energy and increasing your intuitive ability to discern another’s true intent would be beneficial. BB!