Wiccan Imbolc Spells & Rituals Feb 1, 2014

Imbolc Rituals 2014On February 1, 2014, Wiccans will celebrate the Wheel of the Year festival of Imbolc or Candlemas. It’s a traditional time for initiation rituals and for spells that celebrate the return of longer days.

Another theme for Imbolc is “energy flowing beneath the surface,” which can take on many symbolic meanings.  My Simple Wiccan Magick Wheel of the Year Guide has a spell to help you release any blocked energy – love, creativity, happiness – so you can attract more of the same.

Imbolc Correspondences

Flowers: Snowdrops, primrose, any white flowers

Stones: crystal, amethyst, rose quartz

Herbes: celandine, angelica, basil, bay, benzoin

Initiation Herbes: eyebright, hyssop

Imbolc Feast

Celebrate Imbolc by placing aqua, white or silver candles on your table. Decorate with snowdrops, primrose and other early spring flowers. White wine is an appropriate beverage, as are drinks make with milk.

Imbolc Menu

Mixed Green Salad

Salmon Leek Loaf

Bread Pudding

These recipes can be found in my Wheel of the Year Guide or in my Simple Wiccan Magick Witches’ Cook Book.

Blessed be!

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