Wiccan Spells & Rituals for June 13, 2014 Full Moon

June2014FullMoonSpellPendulumOn June 13, 2014, a full fire moon will appear in the sign of Sagittarius. This June full moon is known as Mead Moon, Strawberry Moon, Honey Moon or Rose Moon. In Wiccan traditions, this is an ideal time for spells to bring about success in learning, education and long-term travel. Healing, forgiveness, independence and intuition are also highlighted.

You can use this full moon to cleanse and charge your Witches’ tools and herbes, to prepare them for your spellwork for Midsummer, or the Summer Solstice, on June 21.

June Full Moon Correspondences

Flowers: roses and lavender

Stones: agate and pearls

Menu: Beer Can Chicken, Oven-baked sweet potato fries, Strawberry Cake

June Full Moon Pendulum Spell for New Beginnings

Are you unsure about starting a project, or which new idea will be the most productive? You might want to use a pendulum, like a small weight on the end of a chain or string, to tease out the answers from your unconscious mind.

My Full Moon Spells and Rituals eBook has a simple spell using a pendulum, or you can follow your own ritual to ask the same question. You should use a purple candle and frankincense oil and incense. Tapping into your subconscious and thus, the power of the universe, will help set your course with confidence. And don’t worry about this full moon falling on Friday 13. Wiccans hold no superstitions about the number 13, so the full moon will still possess all of its magick and power.

Blessed be!

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  1. I have met the man of my life, and want to make our bond stronger and deeper, can i do a love spell on this strawberry moon? <3

    • Holly Zurich

      Hello queenB,
      You certainly can do a love spell during this full strawberry moon. Each full moon has specific correspondences that make some spells more suitable than others, but its energy and power will increase the magick of any spell. Be sure your love spell is fair and just, and that it respectfully benefits both you and your loved one.
      Blessed be!