Dark Moon Spell for Loneliness Oct. 23, 2014

This spell is from my soon-to-be released book Dark Moon Spells and Rituals.  I plan to make it available before Samhain. Remember to check a lunar calendar for the exact timing of the dark moon in your area.  You should perform this spell when the moon is totally dark.


Have you lost a loved one through death or the end of a relationship? Perhaps you’ve moved to a new location and haven’t met new friends yet. Whatever the reason for your loneliness, this spell will help you feel comfortable with your self. Once you’ve mastered the ability to enjoy your own company, you’ll be better able to attract the company of other like-minded people.

This spell uses Angelica and Juniper for good energy and Cucumber to bring peace. Cucumber clears negative thoughts from the subconscious so it is often used in spa treatments. Your touch stone, which you will use during the spell and as a reminder afterwards, is Snowflake Obsidian to put you in the right frame of mind.


You can also perform this as a full ritual ceremony.

Find a quiet, comfortable place where you will not be disturbed. You will need the following items: one orange colour candle, oil and/or incense, touch stone and two thin, round slices of cucumber.

If you’re using oil, anoint your forehead. Light the candle and the incense. Lie down and place one cucumber slice over each closed eye and hold the stone. Ask for the energy of the dark moon to guide your meditation. When you feel the time is right, say the following affirmation:

Alone but never lonely when the universe is mine. So mote it be.

Hold the touch stone and breathe deeply and slowly. Let your mind take you past the reaches of the dark moon and the stars, into the deep indigo night sky. You are on this journey alone, but you are never lonely. You carry the energy of every other being in the universe because we all come from the same source. Enjoy the serenity and comfort of these thoughts. Linger in this pleasant state for as long as you like.

When you feel ready, return at a slow pace, especially as you near the planet earth, part of which is cradled in the healing energy of the dark moon. Be aware of your new thoughts of connectivity and kinship with everything. As you touch down, perhaps on your street or in your workplace, imagine that you are surrounded by friends who want to know all about your journey. You wait to tell them until you have first heard what they have been doing while you were away. You then share the give-and-take of true friendship.

As your feelings of loneliness subside, remove and discard the cucumber, extinguish the candle and give thanks for your blessings.

Now, any time you feel lonely, remember your dark moon journey. You can give yourself a little “spa” break by lying down and using the cucumber slices as you did, above. Hold the touch stone, recall the affirmation and the comforting memories of connectivity. These actions will create a positive and lasting link in your mind.

Blessed be!

© 2014, Holly Zurich. All rights reserved.

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