Dark Moon April 26, 2017 Spell to Get Over Jealousy or Envy

dark-moon-spells-ritualsAncient pagans and modern Wiccans know that different phases of the moon have magickal properties. In April 2017, the Dark Moon phase is around the 26th, depending on your location. The dark moon is the period after the waning moon and before the first crescent of light appears from the new moon, and is the ideal time to initiate change and renewal. Check a reliable almanac for the exact time to perform your ceremony.

Dark Moon Spell to Get Over Envy or Jealousy

My eBook Dark Moon Spells and Rituals contains 15 simple Wiccan rituals to help you eliminate negative energy in your life. Unlike full moon spells, which are more powerful when done at certain times, these rituals can be performed according to your needs.

This month, I’ve focused on a spell to help you get over envy or jealousy, just in time to prepare your heart for a happy Beltane, the Wiccan feast of Love and Creativity, on May 1st. The aura of love will be everywhere, so why not tap into these good vibrations?

Envy and jealousy are technically different emotions but they both make us feel inadequate. Envy is when we desire what another already has and jealousy is when we feel the threat of losing someone or something.

This Dark Moon spell uses Tarragon and Lavender. Touch stones, which you will use during the spell and as a reminder afterwards, are Peridot and Melanite Garnet. These correspondences, plus a simple affirmation, will help you to eliminate envy and jealousy from your life.

Blessed be!

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