Dark Moon Ritual February 21, 2012

Now that the full moon has passed and its waning cycle heads towards the Dark Moon on February 21st, we can begin spellwork to remove negative energy.

Your regular calendar will show a new moon on February 21st, so you may find this terminology confusing.  In the past, a new moon was defined by when you could see its first visible crescent. Now, however, a new moon is the phase when the moon is not visible to the naked eye.  If you are planning dark moon spells, this is the time to perform them.

Banish negative energy

My first book, Simple Wiccan Magick Spells & Ritual Ceremony, has been available for almost a year and has been selling very well. A while back, someone used (stole) my copyrighted book cover for their own (horrible, IMHO) work and published it online. The situation was rectified but perhaps my reputation was damaged. My book recently received a scathing review online, which did not reflect the true intent and content of my book.

Dark Moon Spell

I spent several years writing and researching and felt insulted and violated. I now understand how cyber-bullying can harm people.  I will use the waning phase of the February moon to banish this negative energy and return balance to my spirit. Though I don’t know if the reviewer was honestly mistaken or had a hidden agenda (perhaps they want to promote their own book?) I will ask that the correct target be identified.

If you have been the victim of lies or malicious gossip online, print a copy of the offending comments.  During your dark moon ritual, use a mirror to return the negative vibes to the sender and clear your aura.  Feel peace as the bad energy is catapulted away.

Later on, seal the paper in a black envelope and burn it, destroying it forever.

Blessed be!


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