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Valentine’s Day Love Spell to Rekindle Passion February 14, 2017

Although Wiccans do not celebrate Valentine’s Day, the amount of energy around that date makes love spells especially potent. If you feel your love relationship has a strong emotional connection but you would like to rekindle the initial thrill, this … Continue reading

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First Quarter Moon Grow Closer Love Spell January 5, 2017

The first quarter phase of the moon on January 5, 2017 is an ideal time to take practical action towards your goals. If you are wishing for a closer emotional bond with your partner, even you already have a passionate, physical … Continue reading

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Spell to create a personal power jewelry talisman

Would you like to create a good luck charm to enhance your personal power and charisma and increase your chances of success in any endeavour? Although Witches often design talismans filled with magickal herbs for specific reasons, you can substitute a favourite piece of your … Continue reading

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Talisman for a Deceased Pet

You can use Witchcraft or Wiccan ritual when a pet passes away.  A few years ago, the beloved cat of a dear friend died.  Sherpa was a beautiful Himalayan and at 20 years of age, very much a part of my friend’s life.  I created one talisman for … Continue reading

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