Full Snow Moon Rituals February 25, 2013

The full moon on February 25, 2013 is called Snow Moon, Ice Moon or Wild Moon. It’s a full earth moon in Virgo, opposite to the sun sign Pisces. This is an ideal time to perform rituals that purify the mind, body and soul. Letting go of
negative vibrations and replacing them with positive energy is an ongoing
process, especially during months when the days are shorter and everyday issues
seem more worrisome.

In winter, we often spend additional time indoors, so residual toxicity can be
persistent. My book Simple Wiccan Magick Spells for Everyday contains a ritual to cleanse and bless the home, so we will use this full moon to reduce any noxious vibrations within ourselves.

February Full Moon Correspondences

Set your altar and tabletop with violets and primroses. February stones are
amethyst and rock crystal. Use a blue candle and sage for your purification
ritual. You may wish to prepare a philtre for your bath or talisman. If so, use
angelica, jasmine and vervain to cleanse and protect.

Full Moon Recipes

After your spellwork, enjoy a feast of baby spinach salad with toasted pine nuts
& balsamic vinaigrette, asparagus risotto and cinnamon-ginger cupcakes.

You will find recipes for this menu as well as a full ritual if you need one, in my
eBook Simple Wiccan Magick Full Moon Spells & Rituals.

Blessed be!

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