Spell for Better Health & Increased Energy

We often associate wellbeing with feeling energetic simply because we think we need one to have the other.  Healthy intentions like eating properly or exercising seem easier to do when we have energy. Likewise, being fit creates more strength to tackle other aspects of our lives.

Good health and vigour can generate more of the same.  You can perform a simple spell to help you in these areas.

Set your altar as usual and add a pink candle and sage incense.  You can use frankincense or angelica oil to anoint your forehead and the candles. Once you have closed the circle, ask Freya, the Goddess of long life to help you reach your goals.

Focus intently on the way you want to feel and see yourself enjoying a happy, healthy and energy-filled lifestyle.

If you need further direction, my ebook Simple Wiccan Spells for Everyday has a
ritual using 5 apples and an empowering meditation that will start you on the
path to health and vitality.

You can download it today from Amazon or from Smashwords and start attracting more  energy right now.

Blessed be!

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