Manifesting your Spring Equinox Spell

WiccaLawofAttractionIt’s been only two days since the 2015 Spring Equinox and you’re probably working diligently to manifest your dreams.  You’re carrying your talisman or have placed it in a noticeable spot and you radiate joy thinking of your future. But after a while, if your manifestations don’t appear, doubt and pessimism may set in.

Wicca and the Law of Attraction

To work with the Law of Attraction, you must first deliberately send your idea, thought or intention out into the universe. Then, you must  feel happy about your intention and send this emotion out as though you have already received what you asked for. Your intent is the outgoing message, your feeling acts as a magnet to draw your intent back.

The Key to Wiccan Correspondences

All the rituals in my books use the above method during spellwork. The affirmations, mediations, correspondences – talismans, herbes, colours, candles, etc., are designed to enhance the vibrations you are sending and receiving. But you must be aware of your thoughts and feelings after the rituals and your talisman or keystone is a good way to stay on track and be aware.

Without awareness, you will be stuck outside, wondering why your intentions have not manifested. Be the future now. Be happy, healthy, wealthy, loved and loving.  Be the person you want to be now and your intentions will manifest.

Blessed be!

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