Talisman for a Deceased Pet

You can use Witchcraft or Wiccan ritual when a pet passes away.  A few years ago, the beloved cat of a dear friend died.  Sherpa was a beautiful Himalayan and at 20 years of age, very much a part of my friend’s life.  I created one talisman for Sherpa to help transition from this life to the next and one to comfort my friend.

Set up your altar and close the circle as usual. Like a stick of myrrh incense. Create the talisman, using a 9″ square piece of black cloth and a black ribbon. Write a note of comfort and love on the parchment paper. Sprinkle the herbs over the parchment paper and roll into a ball, then tie them into the square of black cloth. Cleanse and charge the talisman as usual. In your own words, express thanks for the joy your pet has brought, understanding that mortal life is fleeting and acceptance of his or her passing.

Talisman herbs for a pet’s passing

  • Basil –courage and dignity to one facing death
  • Chervil – to guide the spirit to peace and serenity
  • Myrrh – used as incense; formerly used in embalming
  • Pennyroyal – to assist the soul in being reborn
  • Asphodel – traditional burial plant
  • Catnip – her favourite herb!

Depending on your supplies, you could also add marjoram, orris root, vervain and sandalwood.  This talisman was cremated with the cat’s remains.

This talisman is designed to help you through the sad days ahead. The talisman I made for my friend included:

  • Rosemary for remembrance
  • Thyme for courage and to establish communion with the deceased
  •  Lavender for inner calm and peace of mind.

You can also include cinnamon, broom, benzoin, agrimony and mugwort.

Since that time, I have created many talismans or amulets for friends and their beloved animal companions.  If you have recently suffered through such a loss, I hope that, in time, the sorrow you are feeling will be replaced by fond memories of the times you spent together.

Blessed be!

© 2011 – 2016, Holly Zurich. All rights reserved.

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  2. rosegold shadow

    i lost my beloved dog asha today, she was only 8 years old and the center of my life beyond being my familiar.

    she was only diagnosed with hemolytic anemia 2 days ago, but they didnt catch it in time. she died in my arms as i wept and called her a good dog and told her i love you.
    im coming to pieces with all the grief for her and all we planned to do.
    its happened so suddenly it feels like a car crash, and i dont know how to make sure shes ok. im afraid shell be confused by dying so fast.

    i prayed to spirit, and my dead relatives to guide her to the summerlands, and angel azrael.

    do you think shell be ok?

    • Holly Zurich

      Hello Rosegold, I’m so sorry to hear of your loss. Asha was very lucky to have you in her life. Animals have an amazing sense of self and she may have known for a while that all was not well. Of course, it’s also hard for us to see when they are ill, as they are so good at hiding their symptoms.
      You have done the right thing for her. Now, try to remember all the wonderful times you spent together and send those joyous vibrations into the universe. She will be fine. Blessed be.