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Spell to Find a Perfect Home

You can use Witchcraft or Wiccan magick to help you find a new place to live. Take a cleansing herbal bath and focus your intent. Picture the home of your dreams, exactly as you would like it to be.  Where … Continue reading

Wiccan Traditions

Make a Witches’ Belt or Cingulum

HOW TO MAKE A WITCHES’ CORD A Witches’ cord is easy to make and provides protection around the altar. To make this particular cord or belt, you will need eight pieces of ribbon, just over nine feet in length.  Each ribbon will be a different … Continue reading

Wiccan Tools

A Spring Equinox Spell for Joy

This ritual helps dispel negative energy and emotions and celebrates the return of joy.  Now that Spring is finally here, the days grow longer and we anticipate the start of a new life. Carve a yellow candle with the Rune symbol for JOY. Take … Continue reading

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