Rituals for Full Harvest Moon Sept. 29, 2012

The September 29, 2012 full fire moon is in Aries, which is opposite to the sun sign of Libra.  This September moon is also known as Wine Moon or Singing Moon.

Witchcraft Rituals for the Harvest Moon

The Aries full moon is a great time to cast spells for increasing your enthusiasm and to engage in bold, daring deeds. Its high energy will help build confidence for any project you wish to tackle.

Harvest Moon Correspondences

Set your Witches’ altar with asters and morning glories. Stones for this month are blue sapphire and citrine. You can use an orange candle for enthusiasm and angelica oil and incense.

After your ritual, enjoy a feast of sliced cucumber salad with rice vinegar dressing and toasted sesame seeds, ginger chicken stew and carrot cake with chocolate glaze.

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Blessed Be!

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