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Samhain SpellsSamhain, on October 31st,  is a traditional time for remembrance and release. It’s Halloween but it’s also considered by many to be the Witches’ New Year, so we also plan for the future by releasing any negative energy that stops us from attaining our goals. The following spell, from my Wheel of the Year Guide, will help set you on the path to a wonderful new year.

Samhain Spell for Remembrance and Release

Take the following items: one orange candle, one black candle, lavender oil, cedar incense, one small, flat stone, a black-ink pen and your Book of Shadows, into a quiet, comfortable place where you will not be disturbed. If the weather permits, you can even sit outside.

Anoint the candles and your forehead with the oil. Light the candles and the incense and sit silently for a few moments, holding the stone in your dominant hand. Close your eyes and ask the Goddess to guide your meditation. When you feel the time is right, say the following affirmation:

Out with the old, in with the new, the coming year will make dreams come true. So mote it be!

Gaze deeply into the candle flames and relax, calling up memories of your past.  Greet long-gone friends and ancestors, asking them what knowledge or wisdom they can offer you for the future. Listen carefully to their advice and suggestions, give thanks and move on.

Recall the highs and lows of the past year. Compliment yourself on your successes and forgive your failures. Bring positive images closer, brighter and in vivid colours. Turn negative thoughts into small, blurry black and white images and watch them recede into the background. Release any negative energy you feel towards yourself or others for mistakes. Move on.

Picture the coming year as you would like it to be – prosperous, filled with health, love, prosperity and satisfaction. Envision friends and loved ones happy and successful in their own way. Give this year a colour or colours of your choice, or even your personal colour. Picture this colour casting a glow over the upcoming year.

When you are finished, make notes in your Book of Shadows and give thanks for your blessings. As soon as you can, paint your stone in the colour you envisioned and write the year on it. Place it in a prominent place or carry it with you as a reminder of your dreams and goals.

You will find the full ritual ceremony, plus recipes for Samhain, in my Wheel of the Year Guide Simple Wiccan Magick Spells & Ritual Ceremony.

Blessed be!

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