July 31, 2015 Blue Moon Wiccan Spells & Rituals

Blue Moon fullOn July 31, 2015, a second full moon, sometimes known as a Blue Moon, will appear. According to Wiccan tradition, as it is in the sun sign Leo, it is considered to be a Full Air Moon in the opposite sun sign Aquarius.

What is a Blue Moon?

Some sources state that a Blue Moon is the second full moon in a month, while the Farmers’ Almanac definition of a Blue Moon is the third full moon in a season with four full moons. Since each season typically has only three full moons with definite names for each, an extra moon could cause a mix-up, so the third moon is termed blue.

Other sources hold that a true Blue Moon only occurs once every three or four years, when a full moon happens twice in the same astrological sign.

Regardless, a Blue Moon is always an ideal time for powerful spells and ceremonies. When you are celebrating this Blue Moon, you may follow the ritual for a full air moon in Aquarius.

Full Moon Spell to Share the Wealth

A full moon in Aquarius is an ideal time for networking, resolving disputes and using personal power for the greater good. My Full Moon Spells eBook has a ritual that will help identify your special cause and channel your talents to help others.

You could also use any other spell from the book that suits your needs, such as:

The Warrior Spell for Personal Power

The Pendulum Ritual for New Beginnings

A Spell for Family Abundance

A Spell for Love

A Spell for Spiritual Purification

Blue Moon Menu

If you like, you can also prepare the meal for an Aquarian full moon or a special Blue Moon menu of your choice. However you decide to celebrate, know that the universe will be tuned in to your vibrations in a powerful way.

Lammas ~ August 1 2015

As the Wiccan harvest festival of Lammas, or Lughnasadh, falls on August 1st, this Blue Moon is an ideal time to cleanse and charge your Witches’ tools and talismans. Or, you may want to combine your spells work for a super ritual and celebrate both the Blue Moon and Lammas on July 31st.

Blessed be!

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  1. virginia markewych

    what is the love spell for July 31?????????????????????HELP. Blessed be. Thanking you in advance. may the light of the moon bless you and yours, may it bring with it all the good of aquarius, may you have peace from the water bearer and may the Goddess always watch over you.

    • Holly Zurich

      Love spells take many different forms, so you must be very specific about your intent. Do you want to find a new love, rekindle an old flame, or keep a current love? My Simple Wiccan Magick Love Spells book has a variety of spells to suit almost every situation. I will explore love spells and rituals here this month. I hope this helps. BB.

  2. Ana Idrovo

    If I cant find iris incense how can I replace it for the love spell to be closer?

    • Holly Zurich

      You can substitute cinnamon, patchouli, vervain, (also called verbena), bay laurel or lemon incense for iris (orris root) incense in a love spell. If you can’t find any of those, burn a good all-purpose incense, like jasmine or lavender, and add dried iris blossoms, bay laurel, lovage or primrose to your philtre. ¡Bendito seas!