Simple Wiccan New Year’s Ritual

Although Samhain on October 31st is the Witches’ New Year, many Neo-Pagans like to celebrate the “other” New Years Eve as well on December 31st. And why not?  It’s another opportunity for us to jump-start any projects and make new resolutions.

If you followed the ritual for Samhain in my Wheel of the Year eBook Simple Wiccan Magick Spells and Ritual Ceremony, you created a touch stone, painted it in your favourite power colour and marked the year on it. You’ve been using it as a daily reminder to focus on your most important goals.

If not, you can do this now. Cleanse it and charge it and place it in a prominent spot.

New Year’s Day is a wonderful time for cleansing and blessing your home and work space.  A easy way to do this is to walk a stick of sage incense through every room, saying, “Goddess cleanse this space and fill it with grace.”

Blessed be and enjoy your second New Years’ celebrations!

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