November 4, 2017 Full Beaver Moon Spells & Rituals

The full moon on November 4, 2017 is known as Beaver Moon, Dark Moon or Fog Moon. As full moons are always opposite the sun sign, this will be a full earth moon in Taurus. This full moon occurs at 1:22 AM EDT on November 4, so you may want to perform your spells and rituals on the evening of November 3.

Wiccans use this time for magick ceremonies that promotes family happiness and abundance. In my Full Moon Spells and Rituals eBook, I show how you can create an amulet to help attract joy and prosperity all year long.

November Correspondences

Flowers: Chrysanthemums and flowers with fall colours

Stones: Yellow Topaz and Citrine.

November Full Moon Menu

Tomato  & Cucumber salad with yogurt dressing ~

Three-Bean Chili ~

Fig Clafouti~

Recipes for the above are in my Full Moon Spells eBook and Witches’ Cook Book.

Blessed be!

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