Micro New Moon Dark Moon December 18, 2017

The Dark Moon in December 2017 will occur on the 18th. It’s considered to be a Micro Dark Moon as the Full Moon on December 3rd was a Super Moon. This doesn’t mean that the energy for spell work will be less powerful. After all, your intent is what matters! To help prepare for Yule on December 21st, I recommend a ritual ceremony to release guilt.

December Dark Moon Spell to Defeat Guilt

If you’re guilty of a wrong-doing, you should rectify the situation as soon as possible. But many times you can’t; for example, someone has passed away, and your sense of guilt continues. This meditation will help you to make amends and feel more positively.

This spell uses Pine and Lavender  and your touch stone, which you will use during the spell and as a reminder afterwards, is Okenite.

My Dark Moon Spells and Rituals eBook contains 15 simple Wiccan rituals to help you eliminate negative energy in your life. Unlike full moon spells, which are more powerful when done at certain times, these dark moon rituals can be performed according to your needs.

You may complete the full ceremony or a quick spell. Performing the entire ritual around an altar may help to focus your energies in a more powerful way, but remember, the most important part of any spell is your intent.

Blessed be!

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